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The Case Planning

Dr. Baxmann is known for his systematic plans that omit no treatment options. All conceivable variants are consistently illuminated, and pros and contras are weighed. The important factors cost, benefit, compliance, patient preferences, preferred treatment technique, but also simplicity of treatment, reproducibility, stability and anchoring requirements are combined with it. These are documented in priority lists according to probability of success. These priority lists are never static, but process-oriented. They are always checked in a specific way regularly at individually determined evaluation points of treatment and adjusted if necessary.

You are fascinated by how Sherlock Holmes solves his cases? Then plan your next orthodontic case with Dr. Baxmann.

Also, these adjustments are subject to a certain probability that can be foreseen. For this, you will learn in Dr. Baxmann’s courses e.g. the five seconds model analysis and the ABCD system of case planning. And many practical guidelines. The five second model analysis? Surprise yourself.

The entire treatment system is based on evidence-based techniques that can be implemented in everyday practice as simply, reproducibly and with the greatest possible probability of success. Also considered are optimal time savings for doctor and patient, standardized workflows and last but not least the cost-effectiveness. Of course, practiced quality management and a forensically safe enlightenment, documentation and treatment are also part of it.

To find every imaginable treatment option, to prioritize it, and then to convey it comprehensibly in patient-friendly language

is still one of Dr. Baxmann’s professional passions.

This concept was originated early. Dr. Baxmann already worked as a postgraduate student in London on evidence-based methods and so-called expert systems. Systems that should help, e.g. through algorithms with medical problem-solving, amongst other things.  He learned concepts such as rule- and case-based systems, decision trees, artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic.

Not only Vulcans think logically.

The study of artificial intelligence teaches completely new ways of thinking. This knowledge ultimately formed the basis of this unique, clear and logical case planning technique by Dr. Baxmann. Experience it in a case planning course, as even the most complex cases are dissected, then analyzed in a structured way and finally reduced to the essentials. And that in a speed and precision that will astonish you.

With us, you will never lose time again, even in the most complex cases. Let us plan. And learn our concept.

Get to know the idea of “lean thinking” as well. A Japanese philosophy, which stands for the greatest possible customers (patients) benefit, continuous development and the strict avoidance of waste. The most important form of waste in case planning is the waste of time. In his courses, Dr. Baxmann, again and again, experiences, how students can be distracted by the trivialities in the planning of the really important decisions. This leads to errors and uncertainty. But the good thing is: we can help you. And even better: you can learn that too!

The classic dilemma: You have found that there are several solutions. We help you to decide. For a successful treatment.

The quality of our planning is ensured by the fact that up to five (specialist) dentists for orthodontics process your treatment cases under the direction of Dr. Baxmann. Case planning is never performed by dental technicians at MyOrthoLab.

Nevertheless, please note that our plans are of course ultimately a proposal for you. Of course, the comprehensive review and the final decision are yours.

With the planning you solve the case. With the mentoring, you bring it safely and successfully to an end.

After the planning, of course, no case is successfully treated, even if the foundation has been laid. Here the courses of Dr. Baxmann help, in order to deepen the conception and to internalize it. And of course, our mentoring program, where we are always there for you. For all questions accompanying your treatments. Or just spontaneously, if it does not work out as you would like.

The diagnostic service

First our customers often only try out the diagnostic service. But it never stays that way. It is such a relief to receive the evaluations on request already within less than 24 hours. At the same time, comprehensive and detailed evaluations are available that are clearly structured and reproducible.

Those who have tried it do not want to have it any other way. We are ready for you.

Our analyzes and evaluations for models, OPG and FRS are created with the help of modern algorithms and additionally checked by orthodontists. So, you can be sure that you get the best result from man and machine.

The analyzes are compact and build on the Dr. Baxmann concept. No countless angles and distances are measured here, where you ask yourself afterwards what they are even for and whether they are even important.

Each relevant clinical question should be reproducibly answered by dedicated and precise values. This is how our evaluations are structured.

You should be able to find the answer to your question immediately. Some customers always use changing analyzes. And then realize that they cannot compare their patients. Also, a valid before-after comparison is then not possible.

Often, the evaluations in the practices of our customers are carried out by ever-changing people. This increases the susceptibility to errors. Do you know the standard deviation of the different landmarks? We already do and therefore reduce them with our methods to a minimum. Evaluate an FRS once. Then evaluate it again and compare the results. Now have it evaluated by two different people ….

Our clever combination of human and artificial intelligence makes our evaluations particularly accurate.

Simply send us your digital documents via the appropriate forms. Best an intraoral scan, digital photos, and each a digital OPG and FRS. And the evaluation is done in no time. Please note that we also check the quality of the submitted documents. It is not possible to evaluate blurred photos or blurred X-rays adequately. But for this, there are also our tutorials on YouTube.

Even if you are not fully digital yet you can of course use our service!

Do you still use analog x-rays, do you take the photos of the X-ray images on the lightbox with a digital camera? If you do not have an Intraoral Scanner, it is best to send us silicone impressions with the impression trays we provide. These are then scanned and processed by us. Then choose if we should send you a printed model. Alternatively, we can also send you a digital model. A viewing program is provided directly via a virus-tested interface. Welcome to Practice 4.0!

Save money, gain storage space and protect the environment. Go for digital jaw models like we do.

It was an incredible feeling when we had dismantled our last model cabinet. The days when colorful model boxes were a design object of an orthodontic practice are over. And if you really cannot part with it, take a picture of your model cabinets and keep it in the desk drawer. Allow yourself to drop unnecessary ballast. We stand by your site.

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