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We offer you everything you need for successful orthodontics, make your practice life easier and give you pleasure in your work. We relieve you of annoying work. 

Consider already what you can do in the free time in which we are working on your behalf.

We support you in your case planning and optimize practice forms for patient communication. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of all your diagnostic documents. All our processes are completely digital.

The patients love our brace configurator. We love to be innovative.

Of course, we make removable braces for your patients. Use our brace configurator. Your patients will love it! Try our correction rails line, the MyOrthoAligner. Save even more chair time by indirectly gluing with our digitally crafted transfer rails while working more precisely than ever before. And all that is complemented by super prices. Sometimes we even ask ourselves how we can be so cheap.

Why do we offer such good prices? Because we can.

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