Many adults but also more and more children want a brace that restricts as little as possible everyday life, which acts gently and is best invisible.

Exactly this is possible with Aligners, gracefull transparent rails. This technique has proven its excellent effectiveness many times and worldwide. With the MyOrthoAligner we can now also implement our own treatment philosophy in Aligner technology for you.

You deliver a 3d-scan or a silicone impression, which is transferred to us in digital models of jaws. We then perform a computer-aided, individually variable tooth correction on the 3d model. Hereby, individual movement steps of the individual teeth are determined, taking into account the particular characteristics of the patient (type of misalignment, anchoring position).

Once the treatment steps have been determined, the next step is to visualize the planned final result. We are happy to make these available to you and your patients. Here also changes can be made by you of course. Only when you are satisfied and after your final control are appropriate jaw models printed and the correction rails, the MyOrthoAligner, manufactured.

Depending on the necessary correction, 3-6 rails per jaw are created, which are worn by the patient for approx. 22 hours per day for 1-2 weeks.

Then another scan provides the exact reached position of the teeth. This is compared with the original planning and again more rails are produced. This procedure can be continued as often as desired. Until the originally planned and visualized result is achieved.

The particular advantage of these laboratory manufactured rails is the very flexible compatibility with other equipment such. As brackets, Herbst-hinges or expansion screws, etc.

Of course, we are happy to assist you in assessing which of your treatment cases are particularly well suited for a MyOrthoAligner therapy.

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