Aligner Setup Service

Many adults but also more and more children want a brace that restricts as little as possible everyday life, which acts gently and is best invisible.

This is exactly what is possible with aligners, graceful transparent rails. This technique has proven its excellent effectiveness in many cases worldwide. Familiar trademarks are Invisalign, ClearCorrect and many others. Many patients have already developed a certain brand awareness. For example, practitioners often feel pressured to offer these product brands, which are medial in the center, as well.

This is what our customers say

Don’t let patients or media press push you into treatment techniques. You are the doctor.

Some dentists are also too easy to wrap around the finger of the advertising promise and trust that the system is actually so easy and is feasible almost without prior knowledge.

Wireless to the perfect smile. Best without much effort. This is what patients and some doctors wish for.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens and therefore often leads to frustration. Frustrated practitioners complain about lack of control over the system and increasing post-correction and subsequent inefficiency. Frustrated patients complain about significantly longer treatment, but still without to achieve the desired and perhaps also in advance visualized result. Therefore, we support you first and foremost in your case selection.

A perfect case selection is crucial in successful aligner therapy. For beginners almost necessary for survival.

In fact, outspoken experts can solve almost every case with aligners. But only almost. We will find exactly the cases for you that match your individual expertise in aligner technology. So, you build your successes with us step by step. Then you will gradually become an expert.

For a successful treatment with these aligner systems, it is crucial to understand first of all the differences to the classic fixed treatment. In the traditional way of fixed treatments, it was planned from control to control, bow change to bow change in the smallest steps. The advantage here is the great flexibility and the ability to intervene at almost any time. This is not possible with the large aligner systems. Rather, there is a detailed complete planning at the beginning.

In the concept of Dr. Baxmann the finishing begins basically in the planning. This is especially true for the aligner technique.

And as you may have noticed, at the beginning, even small mistakes can only be corrected with the utmost effort at the end of the treatment. If at all. So the secret is optimal planning, e.g. in the ClinCheck. The better the planning, the fewer corrections or refinements are needed. For more satisfied patients and more satisfaction for you!

We know a lot of tips and tricks and will gladly pass them on to you. So your cases are just more reproducible and better.

We offer you various possibilities of cooperation. If you want to learn above all, then we do it like this: We can arrange a TeamViewer conference call and advise you “live” while you create your planning. If your main concern is to get more relief, then we simply log in to your account with the data we have received from you and do an initial planning for you. Then you check them, send us comments or questions. Only when you are completely satisfied, you finally release your planning yourself.

Keep the maximum control for yourself and at the same time be sure that you are not alone.

For the further course of the treatment, you are welcome to use our mentoring. This is a very useful support during ongoing treatments.

However, if you would rather want a system that thinks and plans more like a classical fixed treatment, then just ask for our own development, the MyOrthoAligner.

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