Today a successful dentistry is unthinkable without qualified dental technology. This certainly also applies to the treatment of chewing disorders (craniomandibular dysfunction, CMD). Because only a high-precision implementation of the jaw relation determination by the dental technology allows optimal therapy.

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In CMD-Therapy, according to the latest findings 3D-constructed and carefully prepared (adjusted) occlusal splints are state-of-the-art. For the treatment they make up a significant part of the overall treatment, especially in combination with a specific physiotherapy.

In patients with bruxism, but without further pain or disability, we also offer soft-elastic or unadjusted splints to protect patients’ tooth substance. However, these are not suitable for CMD-Therapy.

Upon request, we can also produce a digital photo documentation of the laboratory intermediate steps and measurement results. This serves to illustrate the respective situation and the effort of the laboratory steps and can be of great help to you and your patients towards insurance experts.

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