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Although we are now working across Europe, we have not forgotten how it all started. As a practice laboratory, we got to know the processes in the orthodontic practice and the interfaces between the laboratory and the practice very well.

We know exactly the importance of high-quality models and equipment and the requirements of a reliable laboratory.

We ourselves constantly experience the bureaucratic and organizational effort in the practice and know how we can optimally relieve you.

Through the established concept of Dr. Baxmann you get the complete control over your daily life.

With us you become more efficient, more successful and all this with less effort.

Our employees are experienced orthodontists, dental technicians for orthodontics and orthodontic specialist from assistance and billing. We understand the issues of the entire team.

Therefore, we offer dentists working in the field of orthodontics and dentists specialized in orthodontics our expertise and diversity of our dental technician services.

At our side up to 5 doctors looking over a plan so that we do not miss anything.

Learn the ABCD system of Dr. med. Baxmann. It is logical and structured. We think ahead and that consistently. Understandable for you and your patients.

We stand for sustainability and conscious action. Lean structures, manageable and reproducible processes for maximum efficiency.

Throw unnecessary ballast overboard and focus with a clear conscience on the essentials.

Help to protect the environment. Join us to switch to compostable 3d printed pine models. For each brace we make, we let plant a tree by “Plant-for-the-Planet” and reforest the rainforest.

We focus on you and your patients. With optimal and clever outsourcing you save time, money and nerves. You are not sure if your case planning takes sufficient account of all factors?

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Mit dem ACQ5 Gamechangers Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech Award 2018 wurde Dr. Baxmann für die bedeutenden Beiträge, Dienstleistungen und Entwicklung von Technologien und Innovationen belohnt. Aus der Arbeit entstehen kurzfristige (die nächsten fünf Jahre), als auch langfristige (25 Jahre und mehr) Vorteile für die Branche. Diese dienen vor allem der Steigerung der Effizienz sowie Verbesserung der Leistung. Somit zählt Dr. Baxmann als vorbildlicher Künstler, Innovator und Visionär (GAMECHANGER) in der Gesundheitsbranche als einer der Besten, was die Branche zu bieten hat.

In 2018 Dr. Baxmann was awarded the International Healthcare AWARD by CEO Today Magazine for his diverse medical work.

Dr. Baxmann was selected as an expert in orthodontics by the Health Foundation. These experts stand out for their special expertise and advise journalists from leading magazines (such as Focus) on their publications.

In 2014, Dr. Baxmann receives the SMART INNOVATION AWARD from the company Adenta for its particularly patient-friendly invention: the “Baxmann Mini Telescope BMT”.

Since 2012 Dr. Baxmann is a member of the international honorary organization of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. For this purpose, only dentists are proposed and appointed, who “shall be ethical dentists and shall have made outstanding contributions to the art and science of dentistry or to society”. Dr. Baxmann is very pleased about this honor.

Our Mission Statement

Our Claim
As an orthodontic service provider, we want to set standards in consulting and dental technology and establish ourselves as a leading specialist laboratory for orthodontics in the long term.

Top Performance
We see our theoretical and practical expertise in research, development and practice as self-evident basic competence, which is conveyed optimally and understandably through personal communication and implemented reliably. This is our trademark.

Always Up-To-Date
Always creative and open, we are already the first to be familiar with developments in the market. Therefore, we can, of course, help you if you want to decide to stick to the proven or try new things.

Customer-Oriented Solutions
We offer a complete service: From the first patient consultation about model measurement and planning proposals for removable and fixed equipment, as well as their billing up to the retentions. Our biggest motivation is our passion for orthodontics and to see that our solutions bring you success.

We care about our customers, partners and patients and our aim is therefore to realize the individual optimum, which is sustainable, transparent and reproducible.

We have a strong network of successful partners. Benefit from this too and become a partner.

To Protect the Environment

Our working models are produced in the 3D printing process. This usually causes harmful plastic, which, for example, pollute the oceans. We don’t want this !!

We always think one step further. That’s why we print biodegradable models.Durch jede von uns hergestellte Zahnspange wird ein Baum gepflanzt und das Meer von Plastikmüll befreit. Begleiten Sie uns in eine saubere Zukunft.

Therefore, we use special materials from renewable sources for the model production. These are completely biodegradable. In addition, as a marine godfather, we help NABU to clean the coasts and conserve biodiversity in the North and Baltic Seas.

For each brace we produce, a tree is getting planted and the sea is getting cleared of plastic waste. Join us to a clean future.

For each brace we donate an amount to plant for the planet. This means that one tree is planted for every brace we produce. Where it is particularly necessary. For each of these devices, you will receive a corresponding tree certificate for your patient.

We stand for sustainability.

“I have the best Ideas if I imagine
I am my own customer.”


“That’s exactly how we see our tasks!

We are here for you.”

Dr. Martin Baxmann, CEO

Wir bieten Ihnen:

Alles digital
So wenig wie möglich Papier, so wenig wie möglich Postweg. Das spart Zeit und Geld und schont die Umwelt.

Nutzen Sie Ihre Lieblingskontaktmöglichkeit
Ob Webseiten-Chat, E-Mail, Facebook, Instagram oder per Telefon. Jeder Kommunikationskanal wird zeitnah bearbeitet. Wir sind für Sie da.

Wir liefern mit UPS, unserem Partner für eine präzise Lieferung. Und wir bieten ebenso einen für Sie superbequemen UPS Abholservice. So wissen Sie jederzeit wo Ihre versicherte Bestellung gerade ist. Registrieren Sie sich bei uns, wir regeln das schon. Werden Sie unser Premiumkunde und nutzen so diesen Service kostenlos.

Präzision sofort
Unsere erfahrenen Techniker liefern höchste Qualität. Wir verwenden nur beste Materialien. Unsere Mitarbeiter bilden sich regelmäßig und intensiv weiter. Gerne schulen wir Ihre Mitarbeiter auch in der digitalen Fotografie oder der perfekten Biss- und Abdrucknahme, denn dies sind die Grundlagen einer optimalen Qualität. Wir liefern in 5 Tagen, nach Absprache auch noch schneller.

Unser beliebter Zahnspangenkonfigurator
Die bunte Farbpalette und die Vielzahl der Einlegemotive für herausnehmbare Apparaturen werden Sie und Ihre Patienten begeistern. Individuelle Designs mit Logo, Bildern oder dem Namen des Patienten können so spielerisch einfach im Konfigurator betrachtet, geprüft, verglichen und letztendlich ausgewählt werden. Mit ein paar Klicks das perfekte Design direkt an uns übermitteln!

On request, we use unique computer chips for your patients, which document the wearing time of your patients’ devices. If you are not sure about the cooperation of the patient then simply send us the device via UPS. The next day you will receive the equipment including a computerized evaluation! Patient and parents will be astonished!

Patient information
Do you need patient information or clarification forms for your patients? You can also receive that from us, adapted to your practice. 

Available around the clock
By e-mail, we are always available. You are also welcome to send us photos and x-rays by e-mail. You can also receive our evaluations by e-mail. It is not only extremely fast, but it also protects the environment!

Personal communication
That goes without saying for us. Call us. Free.

And then recommend us.

This is what our customers say about the laboratory

Current job offers from MyOrthoLab:

We are always looking for academic staff, who would like to participate in our studies.

Whether advancing new projects or writing talent for scientific publications. If you are interested, please send your request, accompanied by a short CV, by e-mail to Dr. Baxmann.


  • medical or scientific studies or experience in programming apps or experience in 3d printing
  • Project identification in the context of current research projects (clinical topics, app programming, 3d printing)
  • safe handling of Word
  • safe handling of Excel
  • Safe handling of PowerPoint
  • Experience in literature research
  • good English language skills in speaking and writing

In addition, we are, of course, still pleased to receive project inquiries from the dental industry or other universities.

Please send your inquiries by e-mail to Dr. Baxmann via

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