Further Education & Seminars

Knowledge to touch, take away and implement directly.

At our educational program, we fully rely on the successful concept of Dr. Baxmann and our partner OeA. Dr. Baxmann regularly lectures internationally for more than 10 years. In addition to his experience, his expertise and his very special efficiency, he convinces again and again in his courses. But do not expect dry lectures from the ivory tower. Through his humor, his special attention, which he sends to all course participants, he has already inspired many course participants. Become also a part of the orthodontic family of Dr. Baxmann.

With Dr. Baxmann and the team, you will learn practice-oriented and yet evidence-based in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of fun. Benefit from the many tips that you can implement immediately. You will be amazed what improvements are possible.

An overview of our courses:

  • The curriculum for beginners – 6 course modules over 2 days for everything you need to get started
  • The advanced curriculum – 6 course modules over 2 days to deepen with many tips and tricks for the successful everyday life
  • The Study Club – The premium event with limited number of participants, only for selected participants
  • Hands-on courses – “Indirect bonding with MyOrthoTrays”, “Inserting mini-implants yourself” and the classic “Bending course”
  • In-Office Courses – “Live and Backstage with Dr. Baxmann in the Orthodentix practices”. Here you learn everything. A profit for every level.
  • The Beginner Weekend – A trial course for the entire team to successfully treat the first orthodontic patients on the very next day
  • Individual Courses – Special topics such as “Self-Ligating Treatment”, “Lingual Technique”, “Aligner Therapy”, “Class II Therapy”, “Biomechanics”

Current courses and seminars

  • Powerweek Lean Orthodontics Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics17.08.2020 - 21.08.2020 at Melia Hotel


    Achtung, das ist ein Intensivkurs. Ein Crashkurs. Ein megaintensiver Kurs für all die, die keine 6 ...

  • Inoffice Powerweek Lean Orthodontics Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics24.08.2020 - 28.08.2020 at InOffice Praxis

    InOffice PowerWeek in LEAN ORTHODONCTICS

    Achtung, für VIP only! In dieser Kombination aus intensivem Crashkurs und InOffice Kurs werden Theo...

  • Klasse 2 Therapie Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics29.08.2020 at FUNDAMENTAL® Dentales Schulungszentrum Remscheid

    Theorie und Praxis zur Klasse-II-Therapie

    Sicher planen und erfolgreich behandeln mit herausnehmbaren und festsitzenden Apparaturen Die Angle-...

  • Ganzjahreskurs Masterclass Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics11.09.2020 | 8:00 - 12.09.2020 | 17:00
    | Veranstaltungsserie (Alle anzeigen)

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 03.07.2020

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 11.09.2020

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 30.10.2020

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 20.11.2020

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 04.12.2020

    at Wien

    6. teiliger Ganzjahreskurs Masterclass

    6.teiliger Ganzjahreskurs 2020 mit AO in Wien, immer Freitag/Samstags Dieser Kurs ist für Zahnärzt...

  • Indirektes Kleben Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics13.09.2020 at Holiday Beach Budapest

    Indirect Bonding

    You think your direct bonding is better and faster? That was true 5 years ago. In the meantime the d...

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That’s what course participants say:

Once again Baxmann premium quality! Technically very helpful, entertaining and also the social was not too short!


This was one of the best and most enjoyable courses I have ever attended!

How to learn best?

By watching and imitating. Here you can take part in live demonstrations on patients and test your skills on the phantom.

In doing so, we are always guided by the latest developments in science and use established, subject-specific computer software to make the work in practice as simple and effective as possible.

So, you do not only learn what’s up-to-date but also how you and your team integrate these topics best and fastest in your practice.

We also offer courses in quality management, practice management, management, marketing and communication.

Our range of services is rounded off by lectures on current accounting, legal and tax issues.

Take the one-year curriculum from and with Dr. Baxmann for beginners or for experts.

Educate yourself on individual topics with our special courses.

Look Dr. Baxmann and the team of Orthodentix practices in everyday life over the shoulder at one of the popular in-office courses.

We do not only train you, but also train your team according to the existing concept.

You should not lose unnecessary time and energy when training your team.

Prepare the courses and repeat at home or on the go with our Youtube channel, the OeA blog by Dr. Baxmann or the new online courses.

Coaching means:

To take the point of view of the other and to look at things with his eyes in order to understand.

During coaching, we develop solutions for your questions together with you and your team as well as strategies for the successful implementation of your goals.

Our tasks are as complex as the challenges of different activities in the working environments and practices of our clients. We focus on the issues that affect the performance and profitability of the entire company.

We consider you holistically as a human being. We optimize your work-life balance.

Strategy and organizational planning, as well as the topics development and growth of practices, laboratories or new practice areas with a focus on prophylaxis, functional therapy and orthodontics, make up about half of our work.

Other central areas of work are individual projects and strategies for:

  • Quality management
  • Practice control, marketing, and communication
  • laboratory development
  • Optimization of the digital practice.

Our offer also includes the support of business start-ups or the restructuring of inefficient practice parts as well as the demonstration of more successful opportunities in existing practices. The placement of laboratory partners or the development of practice networks and cooperations is also part of our portfolio.

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